New Mexico determined to destroy industry.


NM SOS Denies Referendum Petitions.

One of which was a referendum to overturn wildlife corridors law. Her reasoning based on Health Safety and Welfare of people.  Just Incredible! People are being harmed by this very law.


NM Secretary Of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver claims she cannot process 13-16 referendum petitions. That she is overwhelmed.

Poor poor Secretary of State, she cant handle 13 -16 constitutionally appropriate, petitions, she is burdened. Even though she has the ability to handle orchestrating millions of voters and every single election. I think she is scared. So maybe we should petition her to resign since she is incapable of ensuring the citizens constitutional rights spelled out in the referendum section are upheld. https://www.abqjournal.com/1320743/patriot-groups-challenge-more-nm-laws.html?fbclid=IwAR1Ds-YsugOSTfnO0Sb7g6g6RRb0LRDa-iKVYjeu5BSmf_r46zEfxwDJAeg